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Quality Lab was approached by the customer with the request to execute load testing for their newly developed platform. A platform with distributed ledger technology that digitizes physical assets and simplifies the trading process by speeding up the operational processes. The customer had their own team of 19 QA specialists. However, the team did not have experience in load testing.

Initially, we deployed all necessary infrastructure for NT (load circuit). Compiled the NT methodology and confirmed it with the customer.

We provided

  • A set of extensive requirements and parameters which systemmust comply with;

  • List of neccessary business scenarios that needed to be emulated by load tools;

Project overview

After several iterations of troubleshooting by developers and repeated NT runs by our engineer, the system reached the desired state – it withstood load parameters declared by the customer and was ready for first production release. At the first stage there were tight deadlines – about one month. We made it! Next step was integrating load tests into CI to support new system improvements release cycle. 

Later, during the project we were asked to help with manual and auto-testing on Kotlin programming language (rarely used for automation, more often used for developing mobile applications). We are still providing the support and working closely with the client’s in house team to ensure that everything is being implemented as expected. 

If you have any questions about our services or would like us to provide more data, please do not hesitate to reach out!

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