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Our client is a large medical information and analytics system with over 13 million monthly users. Their main request was regarding the automation testing possibilities. Automation testing is a valuable tool for large systems with a high volume of users, as it can help ensure that the system is functioning correctly and efficiently. Our knowledge base and previous expertise with automation frameworks allowed us to start the project as fast as possible.


regression tests were executed
integration points identified
bugs discovered per year

Project overview

One of the main tasks in automation testing was the manual testing of  those individual subsystems. Testing each subsystem is important as it helps to ensure that it is functioning correctly and meets the requirements set by the client. This may involve testing different scenarios and inputting various data to see how the subsystem responds.

Another point in the project was integration testing. This involved testing how different subsystems work together and ensuring that they are able to communicate and exchange data as needed. Usually it may also include testing interfaces between subsystems or testing the flow of data through the system.

When we were setting up the automation of manual testing we aim at creating automated test scripts that can be run to test the system without the need for manual intervention. This helps to save time and improve the efficiency of the testing process.

Another task in this project was working with the database via SQL. This means querying the database to extract data or update data as needed for testing purposes.

And finally -Bug tracking. Keeping track of any issues or defects that are discovered during the testing process, and working to resolve them in a timely manner was also one of the main focuses in this project. It generally involves communicating with the development team or other stakeholders to identify and fix the root cause of the issue.


In conclusion, the automation testing project for our client was a success. The main tasks of manual testing, integration testing, automation of manual testing, working with the database via SQL, and bug tracking were all completed effectively.

As a result, a total of 2710 regression tests were executed, 210 integration points were identified, and over 1000 bugs were discovered and resolved. The automated Soapui test runs were also rescheduled to the CI pipeline, and a set of detailed technical instructions were developed to aid in the testing process.

Additionally, the testing functionality was debagged and performance auto tests were developed to detect memory leakage/loss on six product subsystems. Overall, the automation testing project helped to ensure the stability and reliability of the system, enabling it to continue serving its 13 million monthly users effectively.

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